Phone Numbers, Addresses And Personal Data Of Game Of Thrones Stars Have Leaked Online


It seems that HBO is the most favourite target of hackers these days and mind you, they’re not kidding around. After the initial leak of Game of Thrones season 7scripts and the latest episode, HBO has found itself amidst another attack. This most recent security breach at HBO has compromised the personal details like addresses and phone numbers of several Game of Thrones actors. Reportedly 1.5 terabytes of data has been stolen from HBO, which includes the scripts of two of the upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones and two unreleased episodes of Room 104 and Ballers. Hackers have reportedly leaked 3.5gb of data and have demanded HBO to pay a ransom to prevent any more leaks.

HBO’s administrator passwords and internal technical documents are a part of this breach along with the personal details of actors like Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, and Lena Headey. Some confidential documents, a collection of emails covering a month from HBO’s film programming Vice President Leslie Cohen have also been taken. HBO is looking into the situation and reviewing the data through a forensic investigation. HBO’s spokesperson Jeff Cuson spoke to the Wired about it saying, “the review to date has not given us a reason to believe that our email system as a whole has been compromised.”

This means that there hasn’t been irreparable damage yet, but HBO surely needs to be on guard. Though the latest Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 leak is supposedly said to have been accidentally posted online and wasn’t a part of this hack, many confidential documents and a lot of information has been compromised. Of course the personal details of the stars being leaked is not a peachy affair as nothing justifies the breach of phone numbers and addresses. HBO is pretty much still under the radar so we can only hope nothing worse goes down. None of the actual episodes of Game of Thrones have leaked so far and hopefully none will despite the recent threats that the hackers have given.