Former Game Of Thrones Star Jack Gleeson: Joffrey Is Not Quite Dead

Actor Jack Gleeson played one of the most hated characters in TV history, as boy King Joffrey Baratheon in HBO’s hit drama Game of Thrones. Lately Gleeson has had some trouble squaring his friendly personality with his Game of Thrones character, the legendarily sadistic Joffrey Baratheon. Joffrey may be dead, but his spirit continues to linger. When speaking at the recent IGN Convention in Abu Dhabi, which is a thing that happened, Gleeson confessed that he’d like to try showing a softer side in his next role.
“When I go back to acting, I will have to think about what kind of perception there will be with my new role and I would want to maybe play a positive character or nice guy next to dispel any kind of prejudices this character [Joffrey] has built. “
Gleeson’s comment about going “back to acting” is news in and of itself, since he had previously stated that he’d probably leave the industry permanently, but has since founded a theatre company  named Collapsing Horse, so perhaps he’s reevaluating his stance.
Gleeson also talked a bit about the unique difficulties of portraying a character as loathsome as Joffrey. “Playing Joffrey was more of a challenge because, as an actor, you always try to empathise with the character you’re playing and you try to understand them,” he said. “Even though how Joffrey behaves – he has no redeeming qualities – I tried to take pity on that and understand that all his evil acts are because of how he was brought up and the influences he had as a child. I just tried to cut him some slack.”