10 Hottest Women We Fell In Love With This Year


We have filtered some of the hottest and lovable celebrities of the year and have graced the screens. These ladies are just awesome and are pretty powerful, although there were many women but who to choose was a big question, so we have listed few of them who have deliberates and are most appreciated for their strongest role. We have picked our list, now it’s your turn to decide which ever is best.


10. 1.Alexandra Daddario

The woman with blue eyes has ring the bell by showing off her body. The True detective actress Alexandra Daddario who was once in love with Detective Hart woody Harrelson is a gorgeous lady with a perfect body. Alexandra is a talented actress and incredibly funny. We can appreciate her outfits along with her makeover with a finely hot dress she worn in Red carpets. The lighting young girl is all set for the upcoming movie Baywatch.