10 Hottest Women We Fell In Love With This Year


We have filtered some of the hottest and lovable celebrities of the year and have graced the screens. These ladies are just awesome and are pretty powerful, although there were many women but who to choose was a big question, so we have listed few of them who have deliberates and are most appreciated for their strongest role. We have picked our list, now it’s your turn to decide which ever is best.

1.Alexandra Daddario

The woman with blue eyes has ring the bell by showing off her body. The True detective actress Alexandra Daddario who was once in love with Detective Hart woody Harrelson is a gorgeous lady with a perfect body. Alexandra is a talented actress and incredibly funny. We can appreciate her outfits along with her makeover with a finely hot dress she worn in Red carpets. The lighting young girl is all set for the upcoming movie Baywatch.

2.Candice Swanepoel

This Victoria secret is an ultimate Angel Candice Swanepoel and it is impossible to describe her. She is physically flawless and with her sweet smile she can grab millions of audience attention towards her. She has a shiny blonde hair and her glowing skin is super attractive package. Women of all ages needs inspiration and role models then here is the one of the hottest and beautiful model that will rejoice you and make you fall in love with her.

3.Angelina Jolie

She is an ever looking gorgeous lady with an unbelievable beauty with brains she is a lady that you can speak about all day. Angelina has stolen many hearts.

4.Megan Fox

Megan Fox is the one woman who you can make your ideal and follow her foot step.  She is lady who is a person who is teaching her children sex before marriage is wrong and cursing is wrong. Have you seen this kind of lady before? If you want to make your girls feel stronger and intelligent and teach her how to fight in the right way.

5.Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one whose face we can’t forget and her every character teaches us something.  Jennifer is the beauty in a subtly feminine manner and she does everything in stunning way.  She pushes on her limits with every role. She takes every single step very wisely and carefully.

6.Taylor Swift

How can we forget Taylor Swift ? A cute charming beauty who has stolen many little hearts, she actually sings like an angel and when she steps out from guitar there is beautiful angel. She has done a remarkably charitable work and she can’t be forgotten.

7.Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has the two sided face, a biggest beauty face and a fashion trend face. At very young age she has gained many awards and achive a lot in her career. She is also listed as Hollywood highest earning women of the year whopping $28.5 million. I am the one who can really fell in love with her and she is one who can be my role model.

8.Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is well known for her work as Elena Gilbert in the Vampire Dairies. You might have seen this charming beauty in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The final Girls, Let’s Be Cops and The Roomate. A British teen who is loved by most blows everyone’s mind through an eccentric bucket list. You gonna see this hottie in upcoming movie xXx: The returns of Xander Cage.

9.Emilia Clarke

At very young age she has been playing the role in Terminator Genisys.  Most of the people remember her as Daenerys Tangaryen in Game of Thrones though. She is the beauty who has grab millions and you can’t stop starring. Emilia Clarke is the person who is able to keep your ears out for Voice From the Stone or Me Before You.

10.Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an actress who can pull crowds towards her by her face.  She is extremely charitable, Jessica not only takes part in charity events but also she has offered to do movie for free to producer Bob Weinstein as long as he makes a hefty donation to Amfar.